Video Of Man Spitting On Rotis At A Wedding Goes Viral, Meerut Police Arrests Accused

Naushad Spitting On Rotis

If you go to weddings only to enjoy sumptuous food, then this piece of news will surely make you think twice before you put something on your plate, next time you go for a reception party.

A video, in which a man named Naushad, is allegedly seen spitting on the roti before putting it inside a tandoor, at a wedding, has now gone viral. The video first surfaced on Twitter and netizens have been talking about it ever since.

Reportedly, the said video is of a wedding party that happened at the Aroma Hotel in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The Meerut police was tagged by Twitterati and after investigating the matter, they have now arrested the accused. Meerut police updated their followers on Twitter about it.

So if you had also attended a wedding at the Aroma Hotel recently, you now know why the food was so finger-licking good (We are just kidding).


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