Love You Zindagi Girl Dies Due To COVID-19, Sonu Sood Mourns Her Demise

The patient managed to get an ICU bed however, she succumbed to her illness

Love You Zindagi Girl Dies

A few days ago, a video featuring a woman wearing an oxygen mask while swooning to Love You Zindagi song in an emergency room went viral. The video gave hope to several people however, the ‘zindadil‘ patient passed away a day. Several people including actor Sonu Sood mourned the untimely death of the 30-year-old.

Doctor Monika Langeh, who had first shared the patient’s video, announced the sad news on Twitter yesterday. The woman, who was also a mother to a child, became internet’s sweetheart as soon as her video surfaced. Needless to say, Twitterati was heartbroken when the doctor shared the news of her death.

The doctor revealed that though she was able to get an ICU bed, her condition deteriorated and she succumbed to her illness. Dr. Langeh also requested the media to be ethical and for her followers to pray for the departed soul and her family.

Sonu Sood mourned her death writing, “So so sad, never ever she would have imagined that she won’t be able to see her family again. Life is so unfair. So many lives which deserved to live are lost. No matter how normal our life becomes but we will never be able to come out of this phase.”

We offer our condolences to the brave soul’s family.


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