Sri Lanka Government To Ban Burqa, Shut Down Madrassas To Curb Extremism

Sri Lanka to ban burqa and shut down Islamic schools

Burqa Ban

The Government of Sri Lanka will soon ban the wearing of burqa and shut down Islamic schools, on grounds of national security.

Minister Of Public Security, Sarath Weerasekra recently confirmed that he has signed a paper for cabinet approval to ban the burqa on grounds of national security. He said that in earlier days Muslim women didn’t use to wear burqa and that it’s a sign of growing religious extremism in the island nation. He said that they are ‘definitely going to ban it.’

The burqa was temporarily banned in Sri Lanka after the 2019 Easter Bombing by Islamic militants. More than 250 people had died in the dastardly attack. The Sri Lankan government would also be shutting down several madrassas. Commenting on it, Weerasekra said that one can’t just open a school and teach children ‘whatever they want.’


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