Rahul Gandhi Calls For Fisheries Ministry, Union Fishery Minister Giriraj Singh Mocks Him In Italian

Rahul Gandhi in Puducherry

While interacting with fishermen in Puducherry, Rahul Gandhi asked why there was no separate ministry for fisheries without knowing that it already exists. Needless to say, it gave enough fodder to his detractors and BJP leaders, including Fisheries Minister Giriraj Singh mocked the Congress leader.

Rahul said, “You must be wondering why I am talking about farmers at a meeting of fishermen. I consider you as farmers of the sea. I think to myself, if farmers of the land have a ministry in Delhi then why can’t farmers of the sea have a ministry in Delhi? When we have an issue of farmers we go to the ministry that belongs to the farmers. We go to the Agricultural Minister, but when fishermen have an issue, they do not have a minister to go to. And so I think an important thing we have to do for fishermen is we have to give them a ministry in the central government, so their issues can be raised and their pain can be taken care of.”

Giriraj Singh, the Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying, tweeted in Italian writing, “Caro Raul (@RahulGandhi), Non esiste un Ministero della pesca separato in Italia. Viene sotto Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali.” Which translates to “Dear Raul (@RahulGandhi), There is no separate Ministry of Fisheries in Italy. It comes under the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies.”

Twitter had a field day trolling Rahul as usual.


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