Parineeti Chopra Becomes First Bollywood Celeb To Support Zomato Delivery Boy Kamraj

Parineeti Chopra urges Zomato to find the truth

Parineeti Zomato

A few days ago a Bengaluru-based influencer Hitesha Chandranee released a video, in which she alleged that she was physically assaulted by a Zomato delivery boy. However, when the police took the delivery personnel Kamraj into custody, the other side of the story was revealed. Now, Parineeti Chopra has voiced her support for Kamraj.

Kamraj has revealed that it was Chandranee, who had abused and hit him. He said that when he pushed her in self defense, she injured her nose with her ring. Now, the public is largely siding with Kamraj and wants justice to be served.

Parineeti also urged Zomato to find out the truth. She wrote, “Zomato India – PLEASE find and publicly report the truth.. If the gentleman is innocent (and I believe he is), PLEASE help us penalise the woman in question. This is inhuman, shameful and heartbreaking .. Please let me know how I can help.”

Zomato has temporarily suspended Kamraj as per protocol. However, in its statement, Zomato said that they are covering legal expenses of Kamraj and also footing medical expenses of Hitesha.


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