Graphic Images: South African Trophy Hunter Poses With Giraffe’s Heart, A Valentine’s Day Gift From Hubby

Merelize Van Der Merwe With Dead Giraffe

South African trophy hunter Merelize Van Der Merwe is receiving major backlash from animal lovers across the globe ever since she posted a picture with a dead giraffe and posed with his heart.

Her husband paid for her to kill the 17-year old bull giraffe as a Valentine’s Day gift. Reportedly, her husband paid £ 1.5 k for her to kill the giant beast. the  She posted her picture with the dead giraffe on social media however, her cruelty just didn’t end there. She later carved out the dead giraffe’s heart and posed with it.

She captioned the image as, “Ever wondered how big a giraffe’s heart is? I’m absolutely over the moon with my BIG valentines present!!!” We hear that she is planning to use the skin of her kill as a rug. 

Merelize poses with the heart

As people bashed her on social media, Merelize Van Der Merwe defended her act saying that trophy hunting is keeping wildlife alive in Africa. She also said that she helped in generating jobs and also provided meat to several locals.


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