When A Producer Asked Neena Gupta To Spend The Night With Her…

Neena Gupta Producer

Popular Bollywood actress, Neena Gupta recently launched her biography titled Sach Kahun Toh and she has made several revelations in her book.

In one of the chapters, Neena has written about a casting couch experience. She revealed that a producer from South wanted to meet her for a project. She headed to his hotel after wrapping up her performance at the Prithvi Theater.

 When he asked her to meet her at his hotel room, her instincts told her that something wasn’t right and she thought of telling him to meet her in the lobby instead. However, she went to his room as she didn’t want to lose out on the opportunity. 

She said that the producer told her about several actors, whom he had launched. When she asked him about her role in the film, he offered her the role of the heroine’s friend. It was a small role and Neena wanted to leave. As she took his permission to leave, the producer got shocked and he asked her “Go? Where?”

Neena said that her blood froze, when he said, “Aren’t you going to spend the night here?” She said that she felt as if someone had poured a bucket of ice over her. The producer then thrusted her bag onto her and told her that she wasn’t being forced. Post which, she ran out of his room.

Neena had launched her book virtually with Kareena Kapoor Khan a few days ago.


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