Video: Ankita Lokhande Hits Back At Haters, Says ‘Stop Blaming Me, Sushant Went His Way’

Ankita Lokhande hit back at haters for blaming and abusing her, post Sushant Singh Rajput's death

Ankita Lokhande Sushant Singh Rajput Death Anniversary

Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput ended their six-year long relationship in 2016. Even though, the duo went their separate ways, after Sushant’s death Ankita not only came out in support of her ex-boyfriend but also stood like a pillar of support with his family.

While Sushant’s death shook her completely, Ankita is now getting her life back on track. She often posts dance videos, but many fans of Rajput don’t like it and often bad mouth her on social media. In a recent, Instagram chat with her followers, Ankita requested Sushant’s fans to not abuse her. She said that though it doesn’t affect her, their nasty comments affect her parents.

She said, “Some comments are really really bad. If you have so much problem with me, then you should not follow me. I don’t follow things I don’t like but I don’t go to other people’s accounts and abuse them.”

“Nobody can judge someone else’s relationship and nobody has the right to point fingers at someone else’s relationship. Those who are pointing fingers at me today perhaps knew nothing about my relationship. And if you had so much love for him, then why are you fighting now? Where were you when our relationship was ending?” asked the actress.

 “Today, I am being blamed, but I am not at fault and I don’t want to prove anyone wrong. Everyone has their own motives in life. Sushant always wanted to grow in his life and that is what he did. He went his way. How am I to be blamed for that? Why am I being abused? What did I do wrong? You don’t know my story, neither do I want to tell so stop blaming me. It is really hurtful,” she further added.

“I also went through depression but I never spoke about it. I was in a very bad state. I was in a lot of pain and cried a lot. Nobody was there with me then except for my family and some diehard fans, who are still standing by me. If you don’t like me, stop following me but don’t blame me because I was nowhere in the scene. I was not in his life for so many years, I had a responsibility towards him and I just fulfilled that. I hope you all understand this. It’s very wrong to abuse and bad mouth someone without any reason. You would gain nothing by blaming me. In fact, I think I was the first one to stand by your side,” she said.

Sushant and Ankita fell in love on the sets of their show Pavitra Rishta. However, the duo broke up in 2016, soon after SSR made his Bollywood debut. Sushant was found dead at his Mumbai apartment in June 2020.


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