Mukesh Khanna Slams Those Spreading Rumours Of His Death, Calls Them ‘Kilvish Ke Bashinde’

Mukesh Khanna Death

A week ago reports about Mukesh Khanna’s demise surfaced, which were then refuted by the Shaktimaan star. The actor dismissed the rumours however, he did confirm that he had lost his only sister Kamal Kapoor due to COVID-19.

Now a week after his sister’s death, Mukesh Khanna took to social media to those spreading rumours about his demise. The actor slammed the rumour mongers and warned them.

He questioned them as to how they would feel if anyone would spread such malicious rumours about their family members. He also said that someone, who is close to the actor, may go in shock after reading such reports. He also criticised the media for printing such news without confirming with him first.

We wish our original superhero a long and healthy life.


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