Bengali Actor Suvo Chakraborty Attempts Suicide On Facebook Live, Swallows Sleeping Pills

Suvo Chakraborty Suicide

Bengali TV actor Suvo Chakraborty tried to commit suicide during a Facebook live session with his fans. However, the local police tracked him down and saved him after a fan of the actor informed the cops about it.

Suvo Chakraborty has been without a job since August 2020. His unemployment left him depressed, which is why he decided to end his life. The actor consumed several sleeping pills on June 8 during a Facebook live session. One of his worried fans informed the cops, who saved him just in the nick of time.

He had captioned his 10 minute long video as “I quit.” He played his guitar and sang songs as he consumed the pills live on Facebook. In his video, he said that his mother will say that her 31-year-old son is unemployed. He also revealed that his father passed away last year and that they were living on his pension.


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