‘Back Off B-Grade Hyenas’ Says Kangana Ranaut As Swara Bhasker Shares Her ‘Item Number’

New war of words ensue between Kangana Ranaut and Swara Bhasker

Kangana Ranaut, Swara Bhasker

Kangana Ranaut often claims that she has never done an item song like most Bollywood divas. However, Swara Bhasker recently shared a song from her film Rajjo in which Kangana is seen dancing much like an item girl.

When former Madhya Pradesh minister Sukhdev Panse called her a ‘Naachne gaaney wali’, Kangana Ranaut reacted to his comment writing, “Whoever this fool is does he know I am no Deepika Katrina or Alia…. I am the only one who refused to do item numbers, refused to do big hero ( Khan /Kumar) films which made entire Bullywoodiya gang men +women against me. I am a Rajput woman I don’t shake ass I break bones.”

Swara Bhasker responded to Kangana’s tweet by sharing the video of her song Julmi Re Julmi from Rajjo. Bhasker captioned the video as, “Loved your dancing in this ‘item number’ in the film Rajjo.. you are a great performer and great dancer Kangana.. looking forward to your next!”

As soon as she wrote this, Kangana attacked the Raanjhana actor and called her a ‘B-grade hyena’. Ranaut wrote, “Whenever I impose difficult questions on A listers all B listers come like sepoys,item numbers is essentially a song which isn’t consequential to the plot of the film, uses derogatory language for woman, even when I played a nautch girl I made sure it’s not derogatory for woman.”

“These B grades won’t understand but I said no to item songs of Sanjay Bhansali and Farah Khan also, which made few A listers over night sensations, I sacrificed a lot to be who I am today, back off B grade hyenas if these directors offer you even a passing you will go crawling,” she further added.

Well, this war of word ain’t gonna end here, for sure…

Julmi Re Julmi (Rajjo)


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