Abhishek Bachchan Impressed As Mumbai Police Creates Quirky Pun Using His Name

Abhishek Bachchan Mumbai Police Tweet

Mumbai Police is well known for their quirtky tweets and this time their Twitter team found their muse in Abhishek Bachchan. The Mumbai Police used Abhishek’s image and the names if his films to spread awareness about COVID-19 protocols. 

They shared a picture of Abhishek Bachchan, which has “‘Abhi’ fist bump, ‘Shek’ hands when it’s safer please!” written on it. They captioned the image as, “‘Guru’, Mumbai ho ya ‘Delhi-6’ feet distance zaruri hai! Social distancing ko ‘abhi alvida na kehna’ लॉकडाऊन संपेपर्यंत आपले ‘हाऊसफुल’ असुद्या. बाहेर जाण्याचे कुठलेही ‘बहाणे’ चालणार नाहीत!”

Their tweet received thumbs up from Abhishek himself. He quote tweeted their message, and wrote, “Couldn’t agree more @MumbaiPolice. Ghar baitho, family ke saath “Dhoom” machao, “Ludo” khelo. Safe raho.”

Kudos to Mumbai Police’s terrific Twitter team for always coming up with such amazing and innovative ideas to spread information.


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